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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

1 pie dough recipe, double crust, sweet crust… see below


1 lb rhubarb

2 lb strawberries, overripe best

1 1/5 cups sugar

1/2 cup tapioca starch


 2 Tbsp Evaporated cane juice sugar for dusting top of pie


Clean Rhubarb and cut into 1" lengths.  Rinse and hull strawberries and cut in half or quarters depending on size.  You want the strawberries to be equal in size to the rhubarb (approximately).  Toss the fruit together with the sugar and tapioca starch.  Refrigerate.

When making pie dough divide into two pieces…one should be slightly larger than the other.  Refrigerate.  When ready to make pie, remove larger piece from fridge and roll out till 1/8" thick.  Note:  this dough is crumbly.  I never get it quite that thin…and I like it thicker with this pie.  Lay into pie dish, push together to seal any holes!  I use a 12" fluted quiche dish in porcelain for this quantity of fruit and dough. 

Pull fruit out of fridge and fill pie crust.  Place back into fridge while working with top crust.

Roll smaller piece of pie dough out and roll till large enough to cover pie.  Seal edges and use a knife to slit venting holes.  5 or 6 will do, 1/2" slits. 

Bake at 350.  Since my crust is always a little thick this takes a good hour to bake.  At the 45 minute mark remove pie from oven dust with cane juice sugar crystals and replace in oven for final 15 minutes. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, dressed with a shimmer of crystals Yummy just cooling with Vanilla Ice Cream…though sets up nicely at room temperature with great "jelled" consistency. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie a la mode 


Rhubarb Cups

Rhubarb Cups

Rhubarb Cups


I/2 pie dough recipe, sweet crust…see below


1 lb rhubarb

3/4 cup sugar (I like mine a little tart, feel free to add another 1/4 cup)

1/4 cup tapioca starch (can substitute flour or corn starch)


Clean Rhubarb, and cut into 1" lengths.  Toss with sugar and tapioca starch.  Set aside (in fridge good).

Divide pie dough into 6 equal pieces.  Roll out each piece till about 1/8" thick.  It does not need to be a perfect circle.  It should be about 7" "circle".  Push gently into a greased muffin tin, leaving excess open along pan lip.  Repeat with remaining 5 pieces of dough.  Note:  If you have a 12 muffin pan, place dough into every other muffin cup, plenty of room to spread out. 

Fill cup to overflowing with fruit.  Gently fold excess dough over the overflowing fruit.  It should NOT meet in the middle.  It should make a partial top.  Pinch together as needed to keep fruit from falling, and/or keep dough from flopping back over onto muffin pan lip. 

Rhubarb cups ready for oven

Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes till golden and bubbly.  Remove and cool, serve as is or with vanilla ice cream.

Rhubarb cups, close up


Pate Sucree, Sweet Pie Crust

When if comes to pie crust...I don't do well.  As often as not I will use a store bought pie crust.  But when making sweet pies...and if I have the time...and if I am inspired...and patient...and loony too...

This one works for me.  It is an old French recipe that I have taken the eggs out of and added in some buttermilk instead.  It is crumbly and not easy to work with, but very forgiving when patching.

Double crust (top and bottom).  Enough for a 12" quiche pan with a 2" lip.

2.5 cups flour

3 TBSP Sugar

1 stick butter

1/2 cup shortening

5 oz. buttermilk, iced


Refrigerate the shortening.  Cut the butter into pea sized pieces.  Using a pastry/dough blender, cut together the flour, sugar, butter and shortening.  Add half of the iced buttermilk to the flour mixture and blend together.  Slowly add remaining buttermilk till dough just holds together.  Gather together dough and form into a ball.  Divide into two.  One ball should be marginally larger.  Wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate, 30 minutes or more. 


When ready to use roll out on well floured surface with well floured rolling pin.